Masking Services


Masking Service

Clipping mask or photo masking is the process to remove background from main object of a image. Sometimes to remove background from image is impossible by clipping path, then background is removed from image by clipping mask / photo masking. Photo masking is not simply about removing part of a photograph, though this is what it basically comes down to. But the process and its outcome can be significantly improved by employing a series of special effects techniques, such as background replacements and many more.

Basically, Image masking is a method in Photoshop by which clip or remove objects is possible from its background. It helps to remove complex objects where minute details count; it has a pretty more work than a pen tool. Masking images are better in appearance as they can provide the detailed hairs even removed from the background picture. Different types of masking such as layer masking, channel masking, transparent and translucent masking what you need can take from us.

Classification of photo Masking:

  • Layer Masking helps you to hide pixels giving your image a perfect edge. These pixels can be brought back whenever required.
  • Channel masking technique coalesce your image with a background and create the appearance of partial transparency.
  • Transparent masking technique gives the transparent effect of water, ice cube or glass to your image.
  • Translucent masking gives the effect of semi transparency to your image.


We use to handle everything for you, in a very short time and for a very effective cost and of course according to your requirements. The price charged for photo masking typically starts from USD$ 1.00 per image. But the price for Image Masking conversion varies according to complexity. Our Turnaround time is 24 hours. Drop shadow service