Neck Joint Services


What is Neck Joint Service / Ghost Mannequin?

Neck Joint Service is a Photoshop operation that involves in changing the length and tone of the neck to suit the overall image in a better manner. It involves extending the neck, changing the shape and size of the neck to make it look appropriate and shapely. This process is used in the commerce industry to promote a clothing object such as the tie or a shirt. To make it better suited, the neck is manipulated digitally to compliment the advertised product. This service is also important for garments industry owners, Magazine business owners or professional photographers. This term is also known as Combo, Montage that is related with garments products.

Products for Neck Joint Service:

Any kind of garment t-shirts, lady t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, shoes, cap, cargo pants, jackets, girl jacket, down jacket, coats, jerseys, polo shirt, necktie, party dress, party costume, sweater, women skirt, work wear, prom dress, trousers, children cloth, hoody, sport shoe, lingerie, lady belt, jean and all type of available products.

Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin Service experts:

Neck Joint service or ghost mannequin removal service is our most regular work that we deliver. It is the wonder of photo manipulation. This manipulation service requires something more than technical and applied experience like creativity. Our neck joint service experts always keep their eyes active on color match, size match, and design match etc to make the image more attractive and realistic after the total procedure is done. While saving an image we are careful to save it with proper alt text. So that the image could be search engine optimized. We serve neck joint or mannequin removal services with professional designers who are experienced for several years. We provide authority image editing that would help to make it attractive with ensuring excellence of Digital Photos for website or publication in print media.